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Message from Minister for Transport, Business & Tourism
Vijay Daryanani

Support Local

These are extraordinary times but with your everyday choices you can support our home. This is how:

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Shop Local

When we choose to buy from a local store instead of a commercial centre on the other side of the frontier or online, we are choosing our people first, we are supporting each other through these unforeseen times. Making the choice of buying from a local store makes a big difference for that shopkeeper while it will surely not be as significant for big scale traders. Choose Gibraltar first!

Eat Local
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We all enjoy going out for a meal, particularly if it is somewhere special, but when we choose our local restaurants, the ones we walk by almost everyday we are making sure they will remain there for us to walk by, we are enabling them to provide employment for our people, we are looking after Gibraltar.

Support Local
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Choosing to spend in Gibraltar supports not only the restauranteurs and shopkeepers, it pays for services that give us all a better quality of life, it ensures our people can thrive and it paves the way for a future we can be proud of.

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Keep It Local.

"When the frontier opens and we are thinking of going for lunch or for dinner, let’s think about our restauranteurs in Gibraltar, we have some excellent restaurants here, let’s spend our money here and let’s build a future that we can be proud of and a future that is for our children and our grandchildren."


Vijay Daryanani
Minister for Business, Tourism and Transport